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Beer equipment power outage for saccharification condition

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Beer equipment power outage for saccharification condition

Release date:2016-10-19 Author:汤宸啤酒设备 Click:

As the adjustment of the economic development now, hotel equipment in the process of brewing beer neither electricity nor coal, how to process the saccharifying mash?

When hotel beer equipment saccharification: when the power outage after can't start the mixing machine happens, can't use the pump extract, at this time should be small heating steam valves, organize manpower with pure wood pulp, stirring, but should pay attention to stir to cut off the power of the motor, to prevent calls after the accident.
Shang Chen beer equipment

Another method is to use direct steam heating, which is an end for the porous spherical long tube, a clean steam production, insert porous spherical mash, through holes in the steam, and both had stirring effect, and have played an important role to heat, until the mash boiling add the check.
When steam stop hotel beer equipment saccharification, cannot to mash stop steam heating, in order to prevent the mash rancidity or starch electrochemical phenomenon, can take some emergency measures. If mash temperature below 70 degrees Celsius, the water in the mash copper against the high temperature water, make mash temperature up to 70-72 degrees Celsius heat preservation liquefaction, can put some appropriate malt powder, or from the mash tun pump to join a certain amount of malt mash to strengthen liquefaction ability.

Plus enzymatic refers to malt amount is less than 50%, average of 20% to 20%. Using partial barley, corn or rice double complementary makings, can add right amount within the mash tun or mash copper enzymes to speed the decomposition method of preparation of wort. This method can reduce the cost of raw materials, production of quality similar to normal beer brewing.

Plus enzyme saccharification method is used, in the case of malt quality is good, can further improve the use of complementary makings, reduce the production cost, improve the utilization rate of raw materials; In the case of malt quality is poorer, and enzymes in lieu of the liquefied enzyme source of malt as the auxiliary materials, can be used to improve the effect of saccharifying, improving the composition of wort.

Barley crushing method, some 50 degrees Celsius hot water immersion 10-20 minutes, after absorbing water about 25% for wet grinding. Some use of roller grinding, barleycorn flattening, split, wheat skin basic integrity is not broken, proper thickness of powder. Some people use rice mill first peeling moderate crush again.

Use instead of barley malt should join glucose enzyme and amylase enzyme so as to ensure the normal continuity for saccharification and protein decomposition. The method of adding enzyme preparation is; Mash tun and mash copper water after full amount before blanking, stirring the edges are enzymes flash slowly while adding the mash tun, is added, and continue to stir for a few minutes, then. Glycosylated end, malt filtering finish wort components conform to the requirements in 120 min.


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