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Introduction to beer evaluation standard

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Introduction to beer evaluation standard

Release date:2016-10-19 Author:汤宸机械 Click:

Drink beer is a hobby, "xiang" is one of the most important feature of beer. But with a simple and lively language performance of beer aroma is not easy. And taste may due to the different areas of different people different, interest in beer taste also because of the change of time change. So, wine tasting, requires not only technical staff personal taste of beer, describe its fragrance, also need to implement widely consumer survey, the results of the survey hobby analysis with statistical method, try to find out and beer brewing conditions composition and the relationship between the people's interests. It's difficult to describe the flavor of beer though, but now the most common characteristics of ale is: good hops fragrance and bitter taste, fresh and fragrant and mellow. So, good beer at least meet the following conditions.

Introduction to beer evaluation standard

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Beer evaluation four criteria:

1, alcohol: alcohol is not strong, to beauty and fruity taste, want to feel rich and satisfying, alcohol is the general said. Based on fresh beer, but not light like water, let a person feel not just right. No aftertaste, through the throat during heavy refreshing fruity is very important.

2, shuang: refers to the aroma of fresh and pleasurable, drink no hair dry after mouth, or for a long time not to finish, but very relaxed, namely "kill" feeling. Beer contains carbon dioxide gas in let a person feel refreshed. In order to achieve and refreshing effect, also need to choose the best raw materials and brewing technical excellence to meet the above four conditions, will produce "alcohol" and "cool" good beer. Alcohol and cool beer can then drink a cup of.

3, soft, is no beer itself also has a natural fragrance smell, using poor quality raw materials, production process of mistakes, and by the external pollution, etc., is the direct cause of bad smells. Generally makes products containing malt grain leather smell, contact with air oxidation odor, such as smelly of beer by the sun was shining and the sun.

4, pure: sour, sweet, bitter, spicy, salty, called five tastes, will reconcile calls right is soft. Beer is bitter drink heavily, but not blindly only highlight the bitterness and make people uncomfortable feeling. So bitter quality is very important. Good beer flower will give bei soft: add grace the bitter taste of the wine. If do not pay attention to malt leather processing, or hops used are not appropriate, will produce left a bitter taste or mouth very bitter aftertaste, that is the taste of beer didn't adjust well.


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