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The influence of the brewing in the process of saccharification yield factors

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The influence of the brewing in the process of saccharification yield factors

Release date:2016-10-19 Author:汤宸机械 Click:

Saccharification yield refers to the boiled wort extract and saccharification of the end of inventory percentage, it is one of the important indexes of judging saccharification work. Its value generally between 74% ~ 79%, this value should be as high as possible, and up to 1% lower than that of the laboratory. The influence factors of saccharification yield mainly include:

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1.The raw material
Malt, not with the leaching rate is also different, so we should choose high leaching rate of malt. Poor dissolution rate of maltose is lower than dissolved good malt. As saccharifying inventory is always dry value, therefore the malt water had a great influence on yield saccharification workshop. Malt moisture content is higher, the less saccharification yield. Using carbonate hardness of water, saccharification yield is low; Using sulfate more water and soft water, because can decrease the pH value, so good for the role of the enzyme, as well as for saccharification yield advantage.

The influence of the brewing in the process of saccharification yield factors

2. Saccharification equipment

Modernization should be can produce high quality of the wort saccharification workshop at the same time, also can produce high wort saccharification yield, therefore need a series of ancillary equipment, in particular to wash out of the wheat bad contains as much as possible in the extract. The old traditional saccharification equipment saccharification yield is low.

3. The saccharification process

Saccharification process, the longer the stronger saccharifying, saccharification yield is higher. Through separate thick mash strongly boil, can get more extract. By the saccharification and mash pressure boiling, also can improve the saccharification yield. In addition, the proportion of saccharification and worse in the use of water is very important, because of the high in with strong saccharification, it is hard to wash out the mic of the extract, the saccharification yield decline.

4. The filter

Mash into the mash too fast, mash distribution in the filter tank will be uneven, thus make the saccharification yield is low; Wash is uneven, uneven filter outflow valve, can also cause saccharification yield decreased. Repeated small wash bad relatively continuous washing, saccharification yield more. Filter is good or bad but by the wash out the extract content of wheat bad reflected.

5. Works

The saccharification operation based on the role of the enzyme. Therefore only the accurate control of temperature and time, can best play the role of the enzyme, and so require brewing industry must be accurate and reliable work, otherwise will cause a lot of damage. In order to avoid the above problems, the advanced saccharification workshop are using stored procedures in advance automation, brewing industry only observation control, only when necessary to take measures. This can avoid the influence of artificial factors, the best operation effect.

All in all, there are many factors which can affect the saccharification yield. When extract loss increased, must comprehensively consider the effect of related factors. Saccharification yield in production field and laboratory yield difference to properly control and analyze the final wheat bad measurement, can timely find and solve the problems existing in the work.


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