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Hotel selection principle of beer brewing equipment

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Hotel selection principle of beer brewing equipment

Release date:2016-10-19 Author:汤宸机械 Click:

Bar is the most dense crowd, beer sales at most places, with the development of the society more and more bars in the operation mode of changing the past choose brewed beer equipment, the drinkers in tasting wine to enjoy the taste buds of stimulus at the same time as you can see the process of wine making. Then select bar brewing equipment need to consider what factors?

1, beer sales

Before choosing a beer equipment, must first beer sales in their store, the sales of beer is seasonal, to the maximum daily capacity, with capacity for liquor has certain concepts, to ensure continuous wine when the peak season.

2, the site conditions

By site conditions (water supply, drainage, electricity, ventilation, magnetic field, etc.) cases of limited and not. Suggested that the site drawings and site surrounding environment to provide equipment suppliers, if possible, ask for personnel to the site to look at first, according to the site conditions to provide the appropriate solution.

3, is expected to invest

Invest in a bar or hotel, and not only equipment, also expects the late raw materials, water, electricity, and other administrative costs. Preferably with equipment manufacturers, according to local equipment settlement price, consumption level in advance to do a cost-benefit analysis, completes the investment plan.
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Hotel selection principle of beer brewing

4, wine types

According to the region, in different parts of the different taste preferences, but hotel bar in order to improve the competitive power could not only make a beer, investors hope that the number of the types of wine, also decided to equipment configuration, especially in the fermentation system.

5, wine batches

Winemaking batch also decided to equipment configuration, because the capacity of saccharification and fermentation systems can be multiplied several relations, for example, day brewing time, saccharification and fermentation capacity, wine twice, is the double of saccharification fermentation; But the biggest ratio cannot be more than three times, in accordance with the ordinary process, saccharification time generally 8 to 10 hours, a day and night brewed up 3 batches, generally 1 to 2 batches. In order to reduce the initial investment risk, cost savings, select multiple batches brewed do not break is a very good method

6, wine making

If investors have their own wine making process, must be introduced to suppliers, to supply the reasonable configuration according to the brewing process.

7, a liquor equipment

Suitable for the bar in the hotel has a variety of liquor equipment, price difference is very big also, combined with their own needs, choose a suitable.

8, beautiful degree of the equipment

Common, used in bar of the hotel equipment, especially the saccharification equipment, can choose outsourcing outsourcing copper or stainless steel, have some price gap, don't blindly follow, combined with their own decoration plan and the store style, choose suitable for their own. Do the shop decoration, equipment, the style is unified, in fact, equipment are not a part of the decoration in the store?


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