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The development history of Chinese beer industry

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The development history of Chinese beer industry

Release date:2016-10-19 Author:汤宸机械 Click:

Beer industry of China starts relatively late, after the reform and opening up to form a large development period, can be roughly into beer production equipment maintenance mode is divided into five stages:

A, before the eighty s - later maintenance phase

The beer industry in China has not yet formed the scale, a few center cities built of thousands of tons of breweries. Production equipment is quite humble, not a complete assembly line, many working procedure to manual operation, individual key imported equipment or eastern Europe thirties technology, electrical control is also very simple, not the concept of automation. Citizens' consumption capacity and the demand of the market is very low, winery production is not big, little requirement on production efficiency.
Generally adopt the way of in this period, there is something wrong with the downtime repair. Although the equipment is simple, but frequent breakdowns, stop the production time is long. Even if use holiday repair machine, no maintenance plan, maintenance content, spares no budget, all according to the situation of remove the check.
Second, in the early eighty s to mid - regular overhaul period

The cultural revolution ended, the national economy began to return to normal, people's life stability improved slightly in beer is no longer a luxury. Deng xiaoping, has established the policy of reform and opening up, the brewery start upgrading production equipment. Guangdong light industry machinery factory in the country take the lead in generic production for the domestic first beer packaging production line, as a result of basic industrial level is difficult to meet the design requirements, with foreign gap is very large.

Overall, from the technology and equipment to the management level, light industry is far lagged behind the heavy industry, is located in the southeast coast of guangdong province even more. Most of the equipment are domestic, technical level is not high, production capacity is not form a complete set of beer industry, began to study large state-owned enterprise equipment management method, introducing the concept of preventive maintenance, a year a regular overhaul. Due to lack of experience, maintenance plan is more shallow, pertinence is not strong, the key is not clear. To remove all of the equipment inspection, repair and replacement, and then assemble again. The whole maintenance process will cost a lot of manpower and time, relatively high maintenance costs.

Three, the mid - eighty - s to mid - ninety - s - plan stage maintenance phase

This is a national economic progresses day by day, the beer industry booming period, people's living standards increasing quickly, the consumption of beer market rapid expansion. The national in the period in the newly built dozens of brewery, hundreds of advanced production line imported from abroad. The introduction of equipment at the same time also introduced new technology, new management, new concept, the cultural revolution after the addition of a new generation of college students, catalytic the renewal of equipment management system.

The development history of Chinese beer industry

In learning the foreign advanced technology and equipment at the same time, people begin to attach importance to the value of the equipment management of the soft science and application. Planned maintenance of past, from the perspective of practical and scientific to strengthen the pertinence, normative and organized; And to attempt to split the annual overhaul as quarterly or monthly repair; On the basis of absorbing foreign technology, conducted a series of improving maintenance and technical transformation.
During this period, the sales and production of beer for equipment maintenance and management of the request is: as far as possible to maintain the normal operation of the equipment, ensure the completion of production tasks. Equipment maintenance way looks no change periodically, equipment management is in a platform to explore new technology and material.

Four, mid - ninety - s to the late 20th century, periodic inspection maintenance phase

The development of China's beer industry come to the attention of the world, and interest, the international capital and beer giant poured into the battle for potential Chinese beer market, investment, joint, mergers, acquisitions... , an unprecedented restructuring integration in the beer industry of China.
Brand of competition and extension for the enterprise internal cost management, puts forward new requirements for equipment maintenance, service for production, reduce the failure rate, shorten production maintenance time, reduce maintenance costs, improve the efficiency of maintenance. Then, all the beer factory to seek a new way of repair, gradually fade out shutdown overhaul, generation based on the time of preventive maintenance, a comprehensive, systematic, periodic inspection, on the basis of the inspection to determine the repair project, the so-called to check for maintenance.

Five, at the beginning of the 21st century - predict maintenance and condition monitoring maintenance phase
Although all over the country provinces and cities of beer sales in steadily rising, but the market competition intensified. Difficult to survive in the beer companies have to hands on, adjust the marketing strategy on one hand, on the one hand, to optimize internal resources.

In terms of equipment maintenance, reducing cost of maintenance system change at the same time, actively promote mastering many skills while specializing in and integration of the operation and maintenance; Equipment fault management, fault mechanism analysis and statistical analysis, adopt failure prevention countermeasures; Establishing database of maintenance, fault, spare parts, application of computer technology auxiliary equipment maintenance management; Strengthen maintenance, condition monitoring and inspection on weekends or production clearance of local maintenance or repair.


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