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The advantage of home-brewed beer equipment

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The advantage of home-brewed beer equipment

Release date:2016-10-19 Author:汤宸机械 Click:

Brewed beer equipment is a city is bar, hotel, hotel, barbecue, hot pot, beer garden, shopping centers, entertainment facilities produces its own beer directly enjoy the ideal choice for the guest, also suitable for small and medium-sized producers choose

Brewed beer equipment performance advantages:

The levelness of the brewed beer equipment, stable performance, no run, drop, leakage, and no leakage of steam.

Brewed beer equipment disassembly and assembly of mobile, easy modification.

Has perfect CIP cleaning system, convenient cleaning, complete equipment.

We brewed beer equipment can meet the requirements of pure brewing.

The advantage of home-brewed beer equipment

Brewed beer equipment of the whole equipment and piping layout should be beautiful and easy, safe and convenient operation.
Pipeline and brewed beer equipment layout is no dead Angle, using the acid and alkali resistance, high temperature, low oxygen intake of the pump.
Shang Chen machinery

1, small wine to drink now now brewed beer equipment, to keep the natural freshness and nutrition, the beer is rich in more than 17 kinds of amino acids, which contains eight kinds of essential human body can't synthesis of amino acids, and 11 kinds of vitamin, especially other rare B vitamins in food; And winemaker can respectively according to the different tastes of the guests made red, yellow beer, fruit beer and stout beer, to meet the needs of different levels and tastes of consumers.

2, small brewed beer equipment is hotel, grill, restaurants, bars and other places of entertainment to enjoy the ideal choice for beer production directly for the guest. Appearance is elegant luxury, cover an area of an area small, not only has high ornamental value, also can let a guest see visually during the process of beer production, a taste of the deep cultural connotation of the beer.

3, small brewed beer equipment operation is simple. Small home-brewed beer production equipment design, easy to learn. Design more reasonable. The low degree of automation, easy to operate. The equipment can be divided into manual equipment, automation equipment, fully automated equipment, PLC control system equipment. All small brewed beer equipment is given priority to with semi-automatic. Our company based on years of experience, small semi-automatic brewed beer equipment is more suitable for catering entertainment.


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