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Improving brewing technology become a research focus

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Improving brewing technology become a research focus

Release date:2016-10-19 Author:汤宸机械 Click:

As people to the requirement of increasing the quality of life, the hotel beer equipment more and more get the welcome of people, the hotel beer equipment of simple process, easy to operate, the normal temperature. Brew cycle is short, long shelf life, nutrition, fresh: normal temperature wine making fresh beer produced beer is pure nutrient, without having to filter and high temperature sterilization, to retain the unique flavor and nutritional ingredients in beer. The brewing cycle only need 4 -- 6 days, brew a beer by the shelf life of up to 3-6 month or more. The normal temperature preservation: wine making wine making at room temperature and low temperature is required to make the fundamental difference between raw material crushing to gelatinization, saccharification to boiling, filtering and complex process of wort. Because the raw material for beer has processed malt juice, fermentation directly against the water, also do not need low temperature operation, all the brewing process at room temperature, and can be brewed beer is suitable for room temperature storage.

Improving brewing technology become a research focus

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In recent years, China's beer production scale expands unceasingly, production increased year by year, varieties of beer to diversified development, improving brewing process. But there are some problems on technology and management, with the development of beer production, brewing technology progress will become the research focus.

In the improvement of beer brewing technology in beer brewing process, the baptism of raw material of wheat, sprout, baked dry, saccharification and fermentation process of beer quality is crucial.

First of all, on the barley preparation process, leaching degree of wheat (wheat moisture content) is one of the key control points for wheat production. For barley and the baptism of the country's most popular degree is a light malt (production) of 45% 46%, while for small wheat or rye, can use relatively often lower leaching wheat source huaxia wine degree is 42%, with appropriate to extend the time of germination, promote the dissolution of malt is good. On baked drying equipment, domestic breweries most still USES single efficient light malt drying furnace production.

Secondly, on the saccharification process, choice of saccharifying method has brought to the attention of the winemaker. In recent years, in order to improve beer features, make full use of the materials (the germination of rice, and puffed corn, etc.), improve the saccharification extract yield and save energy, has by the former two kinds of improvement for the double boiled saccharification method -- saccharification immersion method.

Third, in the beer fermentation process, the traditional beer fermentation is adopted under the beer yeast after low temperature fermentation, after waiting for diacetyl reach standard again for a long time storage wine, wine natural clarification. Using traditional fermentation production of beer, although coordination is pure taste, flavor, soft but longer brewing.

"Beer is not only a technological problem, we need to make, feel about beer, brewing beer would have a soul." Nearly 80 - year - old ginseng graff is globally recognised master brewer, as has the reputation of "the cradle of world wine master" and went, dean of international brewing to produce numerous top winemaking talent from all over the world. Its unique personality pursuit of beer brewing concept and regional characteristics, profound impacts on the development of the global beer industry.


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