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How dark beer in beer brewing equipment?

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How dark beer in beer brewing equipment?

Release date:2016-10-19 Author:汤宸机械 Click:

Guinness, also called color beer, wine, general is brown or dark brown, 12 to 20 degrees, the original wort concentration alcohol content over 3.5%, it shows the outstanding malt and malt fragrance burnt flavour, taste mellow, sweet, hop bitterness is not obvious. The wine is mainly choose caramel malt, black malt as the raw material, the dosage of the hop is less, use for a long time and have strong saccharification process.

Guinness, 100 kcal / 100 ml of stout calorific value is about. As a result, people called it a beverage market, enjoys a reputation as a "black milk". Originated in Germany, to the Munich beer is the most famous. Kulmbach beer, for example, is a kind of dark lager, baked malt are often used, such as burnt malt and black malt, to get the darker color. Malt fragrance and burnt taste is very outstanding. Various types of dark beer colority,.

Stout not only flavour, taste glycol, and is a skin care market, in Germany, many women are to nourish skin with stout.

Stout main can give skin moisture, nutrients and shrink pores. This is because, though stout and the grains fermentation, and contain some active enzyme and amino acids, vitamins and other nutrients, but compared with other beer, its hop content more, more nourishing effect. On the one hand, can be decomposed leather skin oils and cutin, which have the effect of contractive pore; In beer


are rich in nutrients, on the other hand, can nourish skin, and on the surface of the skin to form a sticky layer of protective film, and reduce the loss of moisture.

May someone will ask, several beer brewed beer equipment can brew? Actually, beer equipment mainly brewed beer, dark beer, wheat beer, a glass, green beer, and other products for auxiliary. The following article will explain how to use all the knowledge on home-brewed beer brewing equipment.

Home-brewed beer brewing equipment dark beer is one of the protoplasmic beer, dark beer colority is often greater than 40 ebc, reddish brown, is fine wine is mellow, bubble, bitter taste, moderate, has a reputation as a "black milk", is also suitable for drinking cold season.

The first: select material. Brewed beer equipment often use high solubility, colour and lustre is relatively deep and small particles of malt, with about 10% of black malt, sometimes using the right amount of amber we also call him for sweet malt malt increase finished beer malt fragrance, and avoid excessive burnt and JiaoGuWei, affect the taste of beer. Can be appropriately thicker black malt crushing degree, in order to prevent the filtration difficult.

Second: add sugar colored agent. The dosage according to the color standard of the finished product beer, generally does not exceed 0.2% of the wine juice, can be in home-brewed beer beer filtration equipment to add. Because beer taste depends largely on the quality of the colorant, so use maltose colors in recent years, the basic composition close to the wort, and dissolved in good condition, is a good colorant, but don't add too much.

Third: production. Guinness in mass production if you consider that you need to be equipped with a saccharifying yeast fermentation equipment, to ensure the quality of the dark beer brewed beer brewing equipment stability, and to avoid interference with other varieties of products.

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